Wireframing - Activism Platform

The problem

Activists feel their messages are fractured and ineffectual. They want to coordinate their activities to have a greater impact. They need a tool to help them do that.

Tools Used

Sketch, Adobe XD

The Task

Design structure of a content and coordination tool that meets their needs; deliver wireframes in support of funding proposals.

Who I worked with

2 main points of contact: the activists leading the project. They created a pitch document with the project concept, produced video recordings for user research, and asked as my points of contact for questions and feedback.

Discovery Phase

Took X pages of proposal and brainstorms, turned them into design brief. Consumed user interviews/research, added info into design docs INSERT MANY TO FEW IMAGE HERE

Process used to overcome the problem:

Page flow/Information architecture. Used to organize thoughts, find the common currency - found divide: content objects and their presentation. IA: Content O, Meta, social, user profile. [Iconographic Page flow / IA] Templates: mocked up a series of spatial arrangements and checked their readability. [Document my template pros and cons] Picking a template, started adding placeholders. Sanity check, does the template still work? Yes, so V1 to V2 Went 1:1 with objects representing every function, content object, and interaction point, but keeping them abstract. Checked spacing and arrangements. Once it looks good V2 to V3 Share lo-fi prototype with stakeholders, get feedback. Feedback recieved, so replaced abstracts with specifics, creating mid-fidelity prototypes and check the flow logic V3 to V4 Share mid-fidelity with stakeholders, recieve feedback, make changes, frame out more pages. Iterate through step 7 until stakeholders are satisfied.

Final outcome

Project in progress; continue to iterate on wireframes and site structure. Have begun discussions with representatives for design and development teams, getting buy in, answering early questions, so they know what to expect when we deliver final prototypes. [Flow of different pages together]